A Smart Home network consist of Controllers, Sensor and Actors. Controllers manage the network as such but also control other devices.  Actuators do the work and switch, dim and move. Z-Wave.Me actuators come into different flavors: 

Flush Mountables

Flush Mountables are devices that fit into a wall box (pattress box). They can be used stand-alone or with a finished compatible to a wall switch design  for local operation.   

  • The Switch Insert switches any load up to 2200 W in a 3-wire system. It can be operated remotely or using local rockers.
  • The Dimmer Insert dims resistive and inductive loads up to 400 W in a 2-wire system. It can be operated remotely or using local rockers.
  • The Motor Control Insert operates motor controls for shades or blinds with a load up to 2 * 1700 W in a 3-wire system. It can be operated remotely or using local rockers.
  • The Double Switch Insert switches two attached loads up to 1700 W each in a 3-wire system. The loads can be operated remotely or using local rockers with single and double click.

Smart Plugs

Smart Plugs are plugged into a standard Schuko or French Style 230 V outlet and allow to operate a load connected to the smart plug using a cable plug. This allows easy installation and gives flexibility where and when to use the device.

  • The Smart Plug Switch allows switching of any pluggable load up to 3500 W 
  • The Smart Plug Outdoor Switch allows switching of any pluggable load up to 3500 W but is rated IP 44 for use outdoor or in wet environments. 


Z-Uno is the first and only easy to use developer board that allows you to create your own Z-Wave device without deep knowledge of Z-Wave protocol or programming. Z-Uno is a mix of Z-Wave home automation radio protocol power and Arduino simplicity. Being inspired by Arduino project Z-Uno inherits all concepts of easy-to-use hardware and software solutions, keeping maximum flexibility.

Z-Uno is a fully DIY product. It is made for those who are limited by existing choice of Z-Wave products and wants to extend their smart homes with more sensors and actuators: connect LEDs, buttons, switches, motors or any low voltage sensor including most of Arduino compatible sensors.

Z-Uno programming is done by writing sketch in simplified C language and loaded into Z-Uno using Arduino IDE. Many examples and comprehensive tutorials will help you to make your own project.

See Z-Uno site for more information.


The new RaZberry Controller Software Version 2.2 now comes with own App Store. Check out more details here or you straight to the RaZberry Home Page.