Where to buy Z-Wave.Me Products

Z-Wave products from Z-Wave.Me are available in different frequencies.

North American Version (908 MHz)

The frequency of 908 MHz is used in USA, Canada, Chile and Mexico. Currently only the RaZberry product is available in the US at

EU Version (868 MHz)

The frequency of 868 MHz is used in all countries of the CEPT Accord (all European Countries), the Middle East, Peoples Republic of China and many other countries.

We use www.zwave.eu as our Master Distributor for European Products. You need to be registered as customers to buy Products.

As end user please contact one of the resale partners of Z-Wave Europe.

RU Version (869 MHz)

The frequency of 869 Mhz is used in Russia.

Z-Wave India Version (865 MHz)

The frequency of 865.2 MHz is used in India.


The new RaZberry Controller Software Version 2.2 now comes with own App Store. Check out more details here or you straight to the RaZberry Home Page.