Our engineers have years of experience in designing and implementing wireless sensors and actors in general and Z-Wave technology in particular. We are happy to help you in your design or installation of a Z-Wave based solution.

You can expect our help in the design and the improvement of firmwares or the new development of firmware from scratch. We have sufficient experience to implement controller software and we can integrate our stable and mature controller software into other control environments.

Firmware expertise includes but is not limited to:

  • Switch Plugs and Switch Wall Inserts
  • Dimmer Plugs and Dimmer Wall Inserts
  • Jalousie Controllers
  • Thermostat Radiator Valves
  • Wall Thermostats
  • Multilevel Sensors (Temperature, Light, Humidity, ...)
  • Binary Sensors (Door/Window, Smoke, Motion, ...)
  • Electronic Door Locks


The new RaZberry Controller Software Version 2.2 now comes with own App Store. Check out more details here or you straight to the RaZberry Home Page.