Z-Wave Programmer

During Development and Production Z-Wave ICs need to be programmed by a application specific firmware. The Sigma Designs SDK provides a programmer PCB that can be used for test and prototype production. However this programmer is not well suited for production programming. The Z-Wave.Me programmer is a professional industry-ready tool for programming Z-Wave firmware files. The programmer is equipped with special programming software and the standard 2x5 pin programming connector used by Sigma Designs. The programmer support Series 500.


  • Single button and red/green LED for simplified processes in production
  • Built into a robust housing to protect for ESD, dust etc.
  • Interface to connect Calibration subsystem to calibrate crystal settings
  • Control software that runs on various operating systems (Windows, Linux, OSX)
  • Built in process to program serial numbers into firmware images
  • Production environment with log files, worker friendly error messages, automated TX calibration
  • NVR settings and firmware file are managed in a csv database to reduce errors in production
  • Protection of crucial Pre-Calibration values during programming 

Z-Wave Chip Calibration Sub System

This calibration subsystem will work with he Z-Wave.Me programmer or the Sigma Programmer provided as part of the System Development kit. It allows recalibrating Z-Wave Modules or initially calibrating designs based on the SD350x. The device has a built in power supply and a 4-signal connector to connect to the programmer.

More Information and Purchase

Control Software and manuals for hardware and software can be found here. Both devices are sold exclusively by Z-Wave Europe. Register at their online ordering platform here.

Download the product Information.


The new RaZberry Controller Software Version 2.2 now comes with own App Store. Check out more details here or you straight to the RaZberry Home Page.